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How to Choose a Quality Reporting System Vendor

By Priya Ramachandran Posted Jul 08, 2016 in Quality Reporting, Academy

It’s the quality reporting time of year. Hospitals around the country are saying the same thing as you…“We need help!” But navigating the options for vendor selection isn’t easy. Here is a list of considerations to help you choose a quality reporting system vendor that best fits your hospital's needs.

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Common Causes for Differences in Abstracted vs Electronic Measures

What frustrates you about eCQMs? And don’t say everything. You are probably experiencing many of the same problems that other hospitals face. One common frustration can stem from comparing your abstracted measure results to your eCQM rates.

At a glance, the measures probably appear to be similar because the measure descriptions and intents align.  So why are the eCQM results so different and how can we improve them?  Let’s review three common causes for differences in abstracted vs electronic measures that hospitals discover during the comparison and validation process.

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