MIPS 2020 Requirements

Guess what? You might actually be able to make some real money in the MIPS program next year. That's because CMS is upping the minimum and exceptional scores so more of the worst performer’s money will feed the best performers.

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[Slideshow]: MIPS 2020 Changes from the Final Rule

CMS released the 2020 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) final rule which contained the revised MIPS requirements. Next year CMS is upping the minimum score requirements and plan to post your 2018 MIPS performance to Physician Compare. Also, of note, CMS has released its vision for how their new MIPS Value Pathways (MVP) program may look in 2021. I’ve summarized the gist of the program below the slideshow.

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Dear Medisolv: How Can I Reignite Our Passion for Patient Safety?

By Erin Heilman Posted Nov 01, 2019 in Quality Reporting, Academy

It’s the 20th anniversary of the IOM’s landmark report, “To Err is Human,” which sparked the modern patient safety movement. Since then, some health systems’ relationships with patient safety have gone stale. Our advice columnist helps reignite one reader’s passion for patient safety using quality data.

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Which States Had the Most Hospitals Penalized for Readmissions

By Erin Heilman Posted Oct 25, 2019 in Quality Reporting, Academy

Every year, CMS levies penalties nationwide on hospitals with poor readmission performance. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2020, 83% of hospitals will be hit with a penalty.

Since the program began in FY 2012, CMS has steadily been doling out penalties to hospital’s with poor readmission performance and increasing the maximum amount of penalty applied. This year, 3,129 hospitals are eligible for the program and the maximum penalty a hospital could receive is 3%.

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2020 Hospital IQR Program Requirements

By Erin Heilman Posted Oct 18, 2019 in Quality Reporting, Academy, IQR Program

Is your hospital ready for hospital quality reporting in 2020? I know it seems a little early, but when it comes to successfully fulfilling regulatory reporting requirements, it’s never too soon to start preparing.

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Medisolv’s MIPS Reporting Results

Results from the second year of MIPS

2018 marked the second complete year of the MIPS program. Last year, we put together an infographic showing our clients’ performance in the first year of MIPS. This year we took it a step further and included even more data points for comparison.

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Healthcare Quality Conferences to Attend

I recently received an email from a client asking me which Quality conferences I felt were worth attending. Medisolv of course makes our rounds at Quality conferences every year, but I hadn’t thought about it from a Quality person’s perspective. So, I went around internally here at Medisolv and rounded up what we thought is worth the investment to attend.

It should go without saying, but this list is just based off our opinion. Also, no one is paying us to promote any of these conferences listed here. Unless of course you’re interested… 😉

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2020 Joint Commission ORYX® Requirements

By Erin Heilman Posted Sep 27, 2019 in Quality Reporting, Academy, IQR Program

There are some big changes coming to The Joint Commission’s ORYX® program in 2020. Changes include submission method, data file type and measure lists.

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[E-BOOK] 2020 Hospital IQR Program Requirements

By Erin Heilman Posted Sep 20, 2019 in Quality Reporting, Academy, IQR Program

Every year the requirements for the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program change; sometimes slightly and sometimes more drastically. In 2020, there are quite a few changes coming your way. For instance, did you know the HAI (NHSN) measures aren't required to be submit this year in this program? And the chart-abstracted measure requirement drops to two measures.

This annual eBook covers the requirements for each section of the IQR program. You'll see a simple summary of the requirements, the submission detail and the deadline. We also list each of the measures in each category.

Get yourself prepared for 2020 with this comprehensive eBook. We even included our measure removal guide to help you understand what measures are being retired in which year.

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The Joint Commission reveals new eCQM in 2020: ePC-02

By Kristen Beatson, RN Posted Sep 13, 2019 in Quality Reporting, Academy

The Joint Commission sent notification this week of their 2020 ORYX® requirements. That communication dropped an unexpected eCQM bomb on us – they are adding a brand-new eCQM to the mix. Our email inbox is full of questions on this significant change, so we thought we’d provide some additional information on what we know.

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