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[Slideshow] 2022 IPPS Proposed Rule: eCQM & Hybrid Measure Changes

CMS released their 2022 IPPS proposed rule and included changes to the hybrid measure and eCQM requirements.

Most notably, CMS added a brand-new hybrid measure to the mix, the Hybrid Hospital-Wide All-Cause Mortality (HWM) measure.

CMS had previously released the Hybrid All-Cause Readmission (HWR) measure which is mandatory by 2023. Now, they have added this new hybrid measure, which is also mandatory by 2023.

If you didn’t plan to voluntarily submit the hybrid measure this year, you should probably reconsider. Both of these hybrid measures will be publicly reported and affect your successful completion (and payments) in the Hospital IQR program.

Also see: How to Implement the Hybrid Readmission Measure

There were a few other changes of note which we’ve highlighted in the slideshow below.

So, there you have it. Keep in mind this is just proposed changes so they may go back and change the requirements for 2022.

We know that keeping up with these yearly regulatory changes can be overwhelming. That’s why Medisolv provides hospitals not only eCQM and hybrid measure software but most importantly dedicated quality advisors who can help you better understand what each change means for your organization and ensure you have a comprehensive quality program.

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This is a big year for Quality. Medisolv can help you along the way. Along with award-winning software you receive a consultant that helps you with all of your technical and clinical needs.
We consistently hear from our clients that the biggest differentiator between Medisolv and other vendors is the level of one-of-one support. Especially if you use an EHR vendor right now, you’ll notice a huge difference.

  • We help troubleshoot technical and clinical issues to improve your measures.
  • We keep you on track for your submission deadlines and ensure you don’t miss critical dates
  • We help you select and set up measures that make sense based on your hospital’s situation.
  • You receive one consultant that you can call anytime with questions or concerns. 

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Erin Heilman

Erin Heilman is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Medisolv, Inc.

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