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14 Ways Quality Leaders Can Streamline Clinical Documentation for Clinicians

Picture this: You’ve entered a cake baking contest and are responsible for baking, decorating and serving a beautiful and delicious cake, but you must rely... 

CMS Web Interface: Options for Transitioning to a New Reporting Method by 2022

CMS is sunsetting the CMS Web Interface measures by 2022, this blog walks you through your options for reporting in 2022. 

Using the New Opioid eCQM to Improve Prescribing Practices and Patient Care

Next year, CMS requires hospitals to submit the new Opioid eCQM to the IQR program. The data you submit will be publicly reported. This new eCQM does more... 

A Survey of Quality Leaders: Reflections from One Year of COVID

We know this year has been hard for everyone, especially our healthcare workers. We asked 150 quality leaders for their reflections on the last year, their... 

Quality Superstar: Margaret O’Kane of NCQA on Using Quality Measures to Bring Accountability to Telehealth

No telemedicine visit is the same. Wide variations in electronic patient visits and the platforms on which they’re conducted are the result of a nationwide... 

COVID Mortality Analysis of 547 Medisolv Hospitals Over Nine Months

As COVID-19 cases continue to tax hospitals, we felt it was worth diving into the data to see if there were any insights for quality departments. We pulled... 

Using Your eCQM Data for COVID-19 Process Improvement

Read our COVID Mortality Analysis of 547 Medisolv Hospitals Over Nine Months. We are on an ever-evolving COVID-19 treatment path. A year ago, your hospital... 

[E-BOOK] Your 2021 MIPS Requirements

CMS is attempting to streamline the options for reporting to the Quality Payment Program in 2022. As a result, provider organizations will need to find a... 

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