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2020 Changes to The Joint Commission ORYX® Program

There are some big changes coming to The Joint Commission’s ORYX® program in 2020. Essentially there are three major changes you should be aware of for 2020... 

Medisolv Launches Innovative AI-Powered Value Maximizer Software Powered by Microsoft Azure

Columbia, MD, July 9, 2020 — The ability to forecast a hospital’s performance and link it to payments three years into the future is invaluable for... 

50 COVID Quality Reporting Resources for 2020

It’s pretty dark out there. And honestly a 4th of July party may feel a little out of place this year. But when it gets dark, I remember one of my favorite... 

2020 Reporting Requirements for the CMS IQR Program

There are essentially seven requirements you must fulfill to successfully complete the IQR program in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few... 

2020 Hospital IQR Deadline Calendar

Can you believe we are (mercifully) halfway through this year? It seems like it has stretched into several years. We all feel a bit older and a bit wiser. 

Medisolv Implements First COVID-19 eCQM

Columbia, MD, June 10, 2020 — COVID-19 is a highly infectious and deadly pandemic. Anecdotal evidence points to a high overall mortality rate in... 

Proposed Changes to the 2021 Hospital IQR Program

We told you it was coming! And it’s here. Well it’s proposed at least. What are we talking about? CMS is proposing that next year’s eCQM performance be... 

2020 Quality Reporting Bundle

Each year, Medisolv releases our annual Quality Reporting Bundle which contains the requirements, measure lists and deadlines for submission to the CMS IQR... 

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