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Healthcare Quality Acronym Reference Guide

Quality leaders are responsible for managing and submitting to the IQR, OQR, IPFQR programs and maybe even the QPP and choosing either the MIPS, MVP, or APP framework. If you know what all those acronyms stand for in that once sentence, congratulations, you’re definitely a healthcare quality insider.

Healthcare acronyms are…ridiculous. There are so many to remember. As soon as you memorize a handful, CMS drops new ones.

And if we do know these acronyms well, we risk speaking or writing as insiders, forgetting that others may not know what the heck you’re talking about. 🤚

Tribal knowledge is best when shared and distributed widely across the tribe. So, we’ve created this specific healthcare quality acronym guide for common acronyms in the healthcare quality space. If you don’t need it yourself, I am sure you know someone who could use it.

Also, if you have more suggestions, please post them in the comments below! We will continue to update the document.

Download our Healthcare Quality Acronym Reference Guide


Erin Heilman

Erin Heilman is the Vice President of Marketing for Medisolv, Inc.

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