Super IQR World: Deadlines for the 2019 IQR Program

By Erin Heilman. Posted Jun 14, 2019 in Quality Reporting, Academy, IQR Program

Major deadlines for reporting to the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program are rapidly approaching, but it's not game over just yet! Power-up your education by transporting into the Super IQR World.

Navigate through pipe portals, underground dungeons, lava and open water to avoid gaps in your submissions. What obstacles will you encounter on your way to the Castle of Submission Success? Will you earn some cash (or gold coins) on your journey? Or will you be defeated by the big, bad CMS boss (don't tell CMS we said that). There’s only one way to find out grab your red hat and let's get started!



*All dates are subject to change. 

You made it!

Now you can download this poster, hang it on your wall, put on a pair of 80s retro sunglasses and people might mistake you for a hipster. Just don’t let them see you pouring over the latest CMS ruling.  

Download Poster

If you don’t want to let your retro-self fly, you can download this very sensible calendar which has all of the dates and deadlines laid out in neat calendar months. Then you can go sharpen your pencils…



Upcoming Webinar: 


Wednesday, October 16, 2019 | 1 P.M. EST.

The 2020 IPPS Rule has been finalized and it’s your turn to understand how this will affect your hospital. In this session, quality management expert, Vicky Mahn-DiNicola will review the major highlights from this rule in a simple to understand 1-hour presentation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • General changes of note in the IPPS Final Rule
  • Change to the HAC, HRRP and HVPB programs
  • Tips for preparing your hospital for a successful quality reporting year

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Erin Heilman

Erin Heilman

Erin Heilman is the Marketing Director for Medisolv, Inc.

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