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      14 Ways Quality Leaders Can Streamline Clinical Documentation for Clinicians

      Picture this: You’ve entered a cake baking contest and are responsible for baking, decorating and serving a beautiful and delicious cake, but you must rely on... 

      The Five Stages of Health Care Data Quality Maturity [INFOGRAPHIC]

      Reaching a high level of trust in your organization’s performance measurement data is dependent on people, processes and technology all working together to... 

      [Decision Tree Guide] Should We Submit Optional Quality Data to CMS?

      One of the biggest questions on the minds of Quality leaders is, “should my hospital still submit data for Q1 and Q2 of 2020?” CMS made much of their normal... 

      Strategies to Enhance Provider Communication During the COVID-19 Experience

      In 2009 AHRQ released empathetic communication training for healthcare providers. This training has been modified to meet the needs of the current COVID crisis. 

      How to Use CMS' Value-Based Programs' Data

      Don’t wait for Kaiser Health News to tell you CMS dinged your hospital for having too many readmissions. Start thinking like a mathematician, so you can start... 

      Five Tactics to Improve Your Star Rating

      Medicare’s Hospital Star Ratings system rates more than 4,000 hospitals on their quality performance on a scale of one to five, with five being the best score.... 

      Part One: Diagnosing the Problem of Diagnostic Error

      In 1986 my 18-year old sister was in a rollover car accident near Breckenridge, Colorado. She was air lifted to a trauma center in Denver with a closed head... 

      Evaluating the Power of Predictive Analytics: Statistics Basics for Clinicians and Quality Professionals

      Imagine your health care organization is challenged with excess readmissions to the hospital. Suddenly, you find yourself on a vendor selection team to... 

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