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3 Simplified Hospital Case Costing Methods [Infographic]

Shrinking hospital margins headline much of the health care news these days. But how do you know if your margins are shrinking if you aren’t sure what your costs are?

In order to assess the profitability of your hospital, you must know what your hospital costs are.

In this infographic, we have highlighted three common Hospital case costing methodologies.

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Profitability-Guidebook.pngCalculating Profitability from your MEDITECH Data Repository

Hospital case costing is a valuable tool for you to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability within your hospital. With this powerful information, you can more accurately price the products and services that your hospital provides, while identifying opportunities to reduce the cost.

But hospitals today are still struggling with implementing a solution that provides visibility into operational costs without being so cumbersome as to make it an unachievable task.

This webinar will focus on a quick way for you to get a case costing solution set up using your MEDITECH DR and within weeks have access to profitability reports.

This guidebook includes:

  1. Learn the three basic types of case costing methodologies.
  2. See how to get case costing set up using your MEDITECH DR.
  3. Watch a demo of the Medisolv product which provides cost and profitability reports.

Don't delay any longer. It's time you knew your hospital's profitability.

Download the Guidebook

Stephen Manna

Stephen Manna is the Director, Enterprise BI Solutions for Medisolv.

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