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Medisolv’s ENCOR Software Earns ONC Health IT CURES Certification

Columbia, MD, October 6, 2021 — Medisolv, Inc., a leader in quality management software, has achieved Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC-Health IT) 2015 CURES Edition Health IT certification via Drummond Group LLC, an Authorized Certification Body (ACB).

The stamp of approval designates the software delivers the required functionality in support of enabling eligible providers and hospitals to meet the requirements of various regulatory programs that involve the use of certified electronic health records (EHR) technology.

“This new certification has raised the bar in many areas including eCQMs and is a great accomplishment for our team. It continues our long tradition of delivering essential software well ahead of compliance deadlines,” said Dr. Zahid Butt, FACG, CEO of Medisolv. “Meeting our clients’ needs is always our top priority and we are proud to offer them the most up-to-date HIT certification. Our clients now have enough time and confidence in their ability to meet the new requirements for CMS and other regulatory quality reporting programs in the coming years.”

To earn the certification, ENCOR was tested to be in accordance with applicable standards and certification criteria put forth by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

With more than 20 years of testing experience across various industries, Drummond brings a high level of technical expertise to this process. Since becoming an ONC-ACB in 2010, Drummond has conducted more than 3,000 health IT tests and certifications.

ENCOR, which met the requirements for the 2015 Edition CURES HIT is an Electronic Measures software designed to assist hospitals and clinicians in monitoring, improving and reporting their eCQMs to CMS and other regulatory bodies.

“This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

  • Developer Name: Medisolv, Inc.
  • Product Name: ENCOR-e
  • Product Version: ENCOR-e Version 6
  • Developer Website:
  • Address: 10960 Grantchester Way, Suite 520 Columbia, MD 21044
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 844-633-4765
  • Contact Name: Justin Di Stefano
  • Certification Date: 10/11/2019
  • Certification Number:
  • Certification Criteria: 170.315 (c)(1-3); (d)(1-3, 5-9, 12-13); (g)(2, 4-5)
  • Clinical Quality Measures Tested: 2v6, 9v5, 22v5, 26v4, 31v5, 32v6, 50v5, 52v5, 53v5, 55v5, 56v5, 65v6, 66v5, 68v6, 69v5, 71v6, 72v5, 74v6, 75v5, 77v5, 82v4, 90v6, 102v5, 104v5, 105v5, 107v5, 108v5, 111v5, 113v5, 117v5, 122v5, 123v5, 124v5, 125v5, 127v5, 128v5, 129v6, 130v5, 131v5, 132v5, 133v5, 134v5, 135v5, 136v6, 137v5, 138v5, 139v5, 140v5, 142v5, 143v5, 144v5, 145v5, 146v5, 147v6, 148v5, 149v5, 153v5, 154v5, 155v5, 156v5, 157v5, 159v5, 160v5, 161v5, 164v5, 165v5, 166v6, 167v5, 169v5, 177v5, 190v5, 249v1, 347v2, 349v1, 506v3, 645v2, 771v1
  • Additional Software: Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure Active Directory SAML/SSO

For more information about Medisolv’s quality management solutions, visit:


About Medisolv

Medisolv is the leading healthcare quality data management company. Their all-in-one Quality management software, ENCOR, provides tools that help healthcare organizations with core measure abstraction, electronic measure capture in the hospital and ambulatory settings, data aggregation from multiple sources and submission to various reporting entities including CMS, TJC, other payers, state entities and reporting organizations such as ACOs.

ENCOR is 2015 Edition ONC certified for all ambulatory and hospital electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) and Medisolv is a 2020 CMS approved MIPS Qualified Registry. Medisolv is an acceptable ORYX® vendor for The Joint Commission.

For more information about Medisolv, visit



About Drummond Group LLC

Drummond Group LLC is a global software test and certification lab that serves a wide range of vertical industries. In healthcare, Drummond tests and certifies Controlled Substance Ordering Systems (CSOS), Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS) software and processes, and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) – designating the trusted test lab as the only third-party certifier of all three initiatives designed to move the industry toward a digital future. Drummond was founded in 1999 and is an ONC-Accredited Certification Body (ACB) and an Authorized Test Lab (ATL) and continues to build on its deep experience and expertise to deliver reliable and cost-effective services. For more information, please visit




Costs or Fees
This certified product-version requires a one-time standard implementation fee, with subsequent annual subscription fees for reporting purposes. For the hospital measures, the subscription fee is per-measure-selected. For the ambulatory measures, the subscription fee is per-measure-selected and per-number-of-providers-selected. Additional fees may be required when the client requires customized data integration services.

This product can be hosted either on-premises or in the cloud (hosted by Medisolv); when hosted in the cloud, additional hosting fees may apply.

This product, when digitally integrated with EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems, requires access to the EMR data system(s), most frequently a primary, secondary, or tertiary database and/or various API endpoints.

 Additional fees may apply in cases where the EMR charges for the required access; in these cases, Medisolv passes the EMR fee through to the client as part of the contractual service.

Technical Details
For this certified product-version to be used on-premises in a client-hosted environment, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Active Directory need to be installed. MongoDB has no additional cost, provided the client is willing to use the open-source license model of MongoDB; licensing for other versions of MongoDB (e.g., Enterprise) may incur additional cost. Licensing for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Active Directory may or may not require additional cost, depending on the client IT systems.

170.315(d)(12) and 170.31S(d)(13) requires the use of a properly setup directory server. On-Premise installations require the use of Microsoft Active Directory (client control), and proper encryption and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) support is fully available, provided the client has it properly configured within their Active Directory installation. Cloud installations require the use of either Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C (Medisolv control), or SAML/SSO bindings to client local directory systems (client control). Medisolv offers MFA when using Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C upon client request (not enabled by default), and it requires the use of a cell phone by end-users to receive the token(s). When using SSO/SAML, encryption and MFA are optionally supported; support requires that the client/hosting entity configure their directory system for encryption and MFA.

Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) Use-Cases
Encor-E version 6 supports optional Multi-Factor Authentication for all user classes, roles, and application access if requested (for Azure B2C hosting options, where Medisolv handles authentication} or if implemented by the client in the client's directory services (for hosting options that utilize SAML/SSO).

For Azure B2C integration options, MFA is handled during centralized login and authentication, and is not implemented on a per-user basis; it is either on for all users, or off for all users, within a single instance of the Encor-E software product.

For SSO/SAML hosting options, it is in the purview of the client/directory-control-officer to dictate how MFA is applied. SSO/SAML uses the client directory setup, including all MFA options, and can (at the client's decision) be segregated on a per-user basis. Encor-E does not make any decisions regarding MFA in an SSO/SAML environment, so all control resides with the directory-controller regarding whom, how frequently, and in what manner MFA is applied to user authentication. 

For on-premises hosting options, MFA is offered using Microsoft Active Directory, and it is in the purview of the client/directory-control-officer to dictate how MFA is applied. On-Premise's hosting uses the client directory setup, including all MFA options, and can (at the client's decision} be segregated on a per-user basis. Encor-E does not make any decisions regarding MFA in an on-premises environment, so all control resides with the directory­ controller regarding whom, how frequently, and in what manner MFA is applied to user authentication.

Erin Heilman

Erin Heilman is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Medisolv, Inc.

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