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      Industry Trends

      Trends in Healthcare Quality and Safety to Watch in 2024

      By many metrics, healthcare quality and patient safety are returning to pre-pandemic baselines. While it’s too soon to declare it a comeback victory (for... 

      5 Podcasts For Healthcare Leaders

      Do you listen to podcasts? Nowadays you can find a podcast for every special niche you can think of including, you guessed it, healthcare IT. 

      The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Healthcare Quality Leaders

      What are the hallmarks of a highly effective healthcare quality leader? At Medisolv, one of the things we’re most proud of is that our clients continue to... 

      How to Prevent Nurse Burnout – Quality Improvement Tips

      You probably don’t need to see the data to know that preventing nurse burnout is a four-alarm priority for our nation’s healthcare system. 

      CMS Reveals Their Universal Foundation for Quality Measures

      Quality measures came together over the last several decades in a haphazard way. There wasn’t exactly an overarching strategic measure development process... 

      A Note from Our CEO: Preparing for the Evolution of Quality Improvement in 2023 & Beyond

      After a tumultuous three years, what does 2023 hold for the future of healthcare quality measurement and improvement? 

      Medisolv's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

      Medisolv created nearly 100 different articles and resources this year. Of course, I'm absolutely sure you read every single one (😊). But just in case, I... 

      Equitable Care Measures Review [On-Demand Webinar]

      CMS has mandated new measures for the Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program that focus on providing equitable care for all patients that you serve. 

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