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By Susan Moschella, RN, MS. Posted Jul 13, 2018 in Quality Reporting, MACRA/MIPS Program, Academy

What is your hospital doing to prepare for MIPS 2018? Do you and your team have a plan in place for a smooth and successful submission? While it may feel like you just recovered from…err I mean completed the first year of MIPS, it’s time to start gearing up for round two!

As the Senior Manager of MIPS measures at Medisolv, I work hand in hand with clients throughout the entire MIPS reporting process, from start to finish, to put a MIPS plan into action and ensure that they’ll end up with the best possible results. One of the most important parts of the process is choosing the right measures for your organization—and doing it early. That’s why I put together a few MIPS planning resources including worksheets and a measure list to help you get organized for each category of MIPS. Be sure to download them all below.

Keep in mind that these resources are merely the first step on your MIPS journey. The next step is to choose a MIPS vendor (like Medisolv) that can provide you with ongoing and extensive MIPS reporting guidance. Every Medisolv client works with an expert like me who provides you with in depth training on the MIPS program. We guide you on which measures to select for each category. We provide insight on your strengths and identify areas of concern to help with performance improvement throughout the year and maximize your chances of achieving a MIPS score you can be proud of. Oh, and we’ll take care of final submission on your behalf.  Why do it alone? Reach out today and let us be your MIPS reporting partner.

Download the files individually or as a complete zip file. 

Download Zip File

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Medisolv has the tools to help your organization gear up for quality reporting success. In this FREE 24-page eBook, you’ll learn about MIPS Year 3 and find all the information needed to complete the program in 2019. 

This guide includes:

  1. Eligibility criteria
  2. Reporting options
  3. Category requirements
  4. Important dates to remember

MIPS Year 3 eBook

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Susan Moschella, RN, MS

Susan Moschella, RN, MS

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