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Changes to 2020 MIPS Reporting Requirements

CMS changed the requirements for 2020 MIPS reporting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Actually, it might be more accurate to say they are providing you with more... 

Best Practices for MIPS Year 3

Does anyone else feel like 2019 is flying by? Before you know it the summer will come and go and you'll be staring down Q3 thinking "I haven't even thought... 

Results From the First Year of MIPS

Having a nice car wouldn't be very useful if you didn't know how to drive, right? Well, the same could be said about quality reporting software. The software... 

MIPS eCQMs vs Registry Measures: What’s the difference?

In the MIPS program, there are several different sets of quality measures that are available for the Quality category. You may have heard various terms thrown... 

2019 MIPS Requirements

MIPS is in full force. We are in the third year and the competition to make the most money is fierce. This is because in 2019, hospitals can add up to +7% to... 

How to Make Money in MIPS 2018

When it comes to MIPS, hard work pays off…literally. But how? And what can do you to ensure that you are maximizing your chances of receiving a nice large... 

Get Equipped for MIPS 2018

Are you familiar with each of the category requirements for MIPS 2018? Do you and your team know what to report on to achieve the best possible MIPS score? 

Planning Resources for MIPS 2018 [DOWNLOAD]

What is your hospital doing to prepare for MIPS 2018? Do you and your team have a plan in place for a smooth and successful submission? While it may feel like... 

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