Pella Regional Health Center Exceeds Expectations for Year One of MIPS

In 2017, Pella Regional Health Center needed to gear up for a new Quality Payment Program (QPP) that would either incentivize or penalize their physicians based on performance: MIPS. But how?  

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Merry Medisolving: Featuring Rodney Welch


Featuring: Rodney Welch from Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital


Name: Rodney Welch
Job Title: Director of Quality and Accreditation
Hospital: Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital
Would you rather be one of Santa’s elves or one of his reindeer: Elves, because it’s warmer in the workshop

The Rothman Institute started 30 years ago and has grown to include over 130 specialty orthopaedic doctors. There are locations all throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but for this Merry Medisolving story we head to Bensalem, PA. A town just outside of Philadelphia. This specialty hospital is known for excellent patient outcomes. But capturing and reporting on those excellent outcomes wasn’t always easy for them.

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Merry Medisolving: Featuring Leigh Shipper & Sherry Stacks


Featuring: Leigh Shipper & Sherry Stacks from Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Name: Leigh Shipper
Job Title: Clinical Informatics Manager
Favorite Holiday Cookie: Pecan Bars
If she could be a reindeer, she’d choose:  Rudolph to light the way.

Name: Sherry Stacks, RN
Job Title: Core Measure Coordinator
Favorite Holiday Cookie: Sugar Cookies
If she could be a reindeer, she’d choose: Rudolph because he is proud to be different and not afraid to take the lead when needed.

Hospital: Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Would you say your Quality team loves your IT team or vice versa? Ok, maybe not love, but how about like? Do they get along? Or perhaps your Quality and IT teams generally have very little interaction. This week we take you to a hospital whose Quality and IT teams have invested in the communication between the two teams allowing them to achieve significantly high eCQM performance.

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Merry Medisolving: Featuring Melissa Folse


Featuring: Melissa Folse from Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Name: Melissa Folse, RN
Job Title: Quality Review Clinician
Hospital: Thibodaux Regional Medical Center
Favorite Holiday Cookie: Praline
If she could be a reindeer, she’d choose: Dancer

Ever have someone call you "Sha bae bae?" Or maybe they've said to you, “Would you like another cup of coffee, Mae Sha?” No? Well, me either. That is, until I headed way down south into Louisiana to learn some of the Cajun way. Here I found a hospital so dedicated to its employees and community, that it's not uncommon to find employees with tenures longer than 20 years.

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Hospitals Compare Abstracted and Electronic Measures: Which is a better reflection of care?

For years, hospitals have relied on manually abstracting their quality measures to get an accurate picture of their hospital’s quality of patient care. Over the last five years or so, the attention has shifted to Electronic Clinical Quality Measures or eCQMs. This shift has intensified since 2016 when CMS, followed by The Joint Commission, started requiring eCQM data submission to successfully complete their quality reporting programs.

This left us wondering, “how do hospitals feel about their chart-abstracted measures in light of this inclusion of eCQM data?” 

This week, we reveal the results of our recent survey of Medisolv hospitals and how they feel about these two types of quality measures.

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Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCUHS) Becomes an eCQM Rock Star

VCUHS hated eCQMs. After two unsuccessful attempts to implement eCQMs, they were feeling a lot of frustration leading up to the year 2016 . That was the first year in which eCQM submission was mandatory.
In one year, VCUHS transformed their hospital from eCQM dysfunction to eCQM excellence. They met the new mandate and now use eCQMs to drive performance improvement.
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Merry Medisolving: Featuring Niki Seling


Featuring: Niki Seling from upper chespeake health

Name: Niki Seling
Job Title: Nursing Information Systems Analyst
Hospital: Upper Chesapeake Health
Favorite Holiday Movie: Elf
Favorite gift ever received: A picture

“This is the way it should have always been,” Niki Seling from Upper Chesapeake Health said. “Quality takes care of the eCQM auditing and IT takes care of the technical changes.”

“But you know, in the beginning, IT had to figure out this whole eCQM thing and make sure it was going to stick. It looks like it has stuck, so it’s time to move on!”

In our last episode of Merry Medisolving, we feature Niki Seling, Nursing Information Systems Analyst at Upper Chesapeake Health and long-time Medisolv client. Here we learn about Upper Chesapeake’s eCQM transition from a strictly IT initiative to a shared project between Quality and IT.

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Merry Medisolving: Featuring Georgia Feuer


Featuring: Georgia Feuer from Emerson Hospital

Name: Georgia Feuer, MPH
Job Title: Project Manager
Hospital: Emerson Hospital
Favorite Holiday Song: The Christmas Song. Such a classic.
Would you rather have a red nose that lights up or have pointy elf ears and why? : Well I guess the red nose lighting up would be useful. That way when I’m not at my desk at work, people can find me.

In this episode of Merry Medisolving, we feature Georgia Feuer, Project Manager at Emerson Hospital. Here she explains to us how they got started with their goal to reduce hospital readmissions by 20% in two years. She also shares some of the success that they’ve already experienced.

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Merry Medisolving: Featuring Haley Dean


Featuring: Haley Dean from Laughlin Memorial Hospital


Name: Haley Dean, RN BSN
Job Title: Nursing Informatics Analyst
Hospital: Laughlin Memorial Hospital
Favorite Holiday Drink: Winter Mocha Latte
Would you rather be one of Santa’s elves or one of his reindeer? : Reindeer, so I can experience what Santa gets to experience!

“When Meaningful Use first started, I would often wonder why we were doing this,” Haley Dean from Laughlin Memorial Hospital said.

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Merry Medisolving: Featuring Missi Clark


Featuring: Missi Clark from Rockdale Medical Center


Name: Missi Clark
Job Title: Director of Information Technology
Hospital: Rockdale Medical Center
Favorite Holiday Cookie: Iced Sugar Cookies
If she could be a reindeer, she’d choose: Rudolph.  Doesn’t everyone want to be the leader?

Ten years ago, when Missi Clark started working in the IT Department for Rockdale Medical Center as the Clinical Analyst, things looked much different. “We didn’t even know what an eCQM was at that point,” Missi laughs. “We’ve come a long way in a short period of time.”

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