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[Slideshow]: MIPS 2022 Changes from the Final Rule

The traditional MIPS program is proposed to close its doors by 2027. But don’t get too excited. It doesn’t mean that your Eligible Clinicians can stop... 

CMS Web Interface: Options for Transitioning to a New Reporting Method by 2022

CMS is sunsetting the CMS Web Interface measures by 2022, this blog walks you through your options for reporting in 2022. 

5 Pro Tips for Quality Departments Facing an EHR Conversion

When healthcare organizations switch EHR systems, or dramatically upgrade their existing ones, they don’t usually do it to make life easier for quality... 

MIPS 2021 Requirements

What’s the biggest change to MIPS in 2021? To the individual clinician, it’s that they have greater control of their score and incentive money than before. 

[Slideshow]: MIPS 2021 Changes from the Final Rule

CMS released the 2021 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) final rule which contained the revised MIPS requirements. Next year CMS is upping the minimum score... 

Patient Safety: Don’t Let a Case of Mistaken Identity Lead to Tragedy

Ever-changing patient and provider behaviors make it harder for quality managers to match medical records to the right patient. Avoid a case of mistaken... 

We Need a Better Way to Measure the Quality of Telehealth Services

Telehealth has become a virtual lifeline, connecting patients to their primary care physicians and other providers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Patients are... 

MIPS 2020 Requirements

Guess what? You might actually be able to make some real money in the MIPS program next year. That's because CMS is upping the minimum and exceptional scores... 

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