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      How to Implement the Hospital Harm Opioid-Related Adverse Events eCQM

      Opioids have taken national center stage for several years now. Shows like Netflix’s Painkiller or Hulu’s Dopesick have put opioids front and center for many... 

      4 Lessons Learned from Hybrid Measure Submissions

      The Hybrid measures are now in their 5th year – yes 5th. The first pilot submission of hybrid data was completed in 2018. Medisolv submitted 69 of the 150... 

      How to Measure Health Equity: A Guide for Hospitals

      How to measure health equity: it’s the billion-piece puzzle that every healthcare leader is trying to solve right now. But the solution to measuring health... 

      Common Pitfalls of PC eCQMs

      Maternal health is a top priority for CMS. So much so, that they are requiring the submission of both abstracted and now electronic Perinatal Care (PC)... 

      A Guide to CMS’s New Perinatal Measures

      Whoa, baby! CMS has announced that it’s officially rolling out two new electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) focused on perinatal care in 2023: ePC-02... 

      Prepping for Hybrid Measure Submissions

      Did you know hybrid measures aren't new? In 2018, Medisolv participated in CMS’s hybrid readmission measure pilot program and as a part of that pilot, we... 

      How to Implement the Hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemic eCQMs

      CMS introduced several new eCQMs over the last year including a pair of measures that track your care of inpatients experiencing a hyperglycemic or... 

      Should Your Hospital Track Retired Measures?

      Just because an electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) exists today doesn’t mean it will tomorrow. In the 9 years since CMS first piloted eCQMs, nearly a... 

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