Using Behavioral Psychology to Improve Quality Measure Compliance

Take a Quality Improvement Road Trip in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]

[E-BOOK] An Overview of MIPS 2020

A Note From Our CEO: The State of Healthcare Quality in 2020

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Uvalde Hospital

5 Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution on Quality Measures

Merry Medisolving: Featuring BJC Health Care

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Memorial Health Care Systems

Healthcare Quality Reporting Personality Quiz

CMS’ New Hybrid Readmission Measure: A ScreenPlay in One Act

MIPS 2020 Requirements

[Slideshow]: MIPS 2020 Changes from the Final Rule

Dear Medisolv: How Can I Reignite Our Passion for Patient Safety?

Which States Had the Most Hospitals Penalized for Readmissions

2020 Hospital IQR Program Requirements

Medisolv’s MIPS Reporting Results

Healthcare Quality Conferences to Attend

2020 Joint Commission ORYX® Requirements

[E-BOOK] 2020 Hospital IQR Program Requirements

The Joint Commission reveals new eCQM in 2020: ePC-02

2019 eCQM Reporting Checklist [Free Download]

[E-BOOK] Hybrid Measure Quick Start Guide

Medisolv Quality Expert Panel Answers Your FAQs

2020 IPPS Final Rule: 10 Things to Know

FHIR for the Busy Quality Manager

2020 MIPS Proposed Rule: Key Highlights

Speeding up the Abstraction Process: An Interview with Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Creative Ways to Improve Hospital Compliance

The Problem Facing Emergency Departments: Improving ED Throughput

50 Quality Reporting Resources for 2019

An Overview of the 2019 Quality Payment Program: MIPS vs Advanced APMs

Am I Eligible for MIPS 2019?

Super IQR World: Deadlines for the 2019 IQR Program

The Hybrid Readmission Measure: Understanding How It Works

2019 eCQM Requirements for the CMS IQR Program

Survey Results: eCQMs vs Core Measure Performance

2019 eCQM Requirements for The Joint Commission ORYX® Initiative for Quality Improvement

2019 MIPS Mind Game [Quiz]

9 Highlights from the 2020 IPPS Proposed Rule

Part One: Diagnosing the Problem of Diagnostic Error

The History of Sepsis: "I Rot"

2019 Hospital IQR Deadlines Calendar [DOWNLOAD]

eCQM Results: Key Takeaways from 2018 Reporting

HAC Facts: Hospitals Penalized in 2019

The Cost of Quality: Is It Worth It?

Download the 2019 Quality Reporting Bundle

Evaluating the Power of Predictive Analytics: Statistics Basics for Clinicians and Quality Professionals

Best Practices for MIPS Year 3

Results From the First Year of MIPS

Six Root Causes of Poor Data Fitness

3 Simplified Hospital Case Costing Methods [Infographic]

What is CQL? And Questions to Ask your Vendor

Are You Ready For It? 12 Tips for HIMSS19

Six Dimensions of Data Fitness

A Note From Our CEO: The State of Health Care in 2019

MIPS eCQMs vs Registry Measures: What’s the difference?

[E-BOOK] A Beginner's Guide to MIPS Year 3

Our Most Popular Content of 2018

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Pella Regional Health Center

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Habersham Medical Center

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Lane Regional

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Lynn Miller

Keep Your Eyes on the MIPS Reporting Pie

2019 MIPS Requirements

MIPS Year Three: 14 Things to Know

The Five Stages of Health Care Data Quality Maturity [INFOGRAPHIC]

IQR Measure Removal: How Will It Affect Your 2019 Reporting Process?

[E-BOOK] 2019 Hospital IQR Program Requirements

2019 Joint Commission ORYX® Requirements

2019 IQR Quiz

7 Hospital IQR Program Requirements for 2019

The Ten States with the Worst HAC Performance in 2018

How to Make Money in MIPS 2018

2018 eCQM Reporting Checklist [Free Download]

MIPS 2018: Fact or Fiction?

Get Equipped for MIPS 2018

2019 Hospital IQR Program: 4 Things to Expect

2019 IPPS Final Rule: What's Changing?  [SLIDESHOW]

Pella Regional Health Center Exceeds Expectations for Year One of MIPS

2018 MIPS Reimbursements: How Does It Work?

2019 MIPS Proposed Rule: Key Highlights

Planning Resources for MIPS 2018 [DOWNLOAD]

50 Quality Reporting Resources for 2018

eCQMs: What Did Hospital Professionals Rank Easiest and Hardest?

Survey Results: The eCQM Process

2018 Hospital IQR Deadlines Calendar [DOWNLOAD]

How to Improve Your Hospital's Contraindication Documentation

Readmission Prevention Checklist [DOWNLOAD]

2018 eCQM Requirements for the IQR Program

The Game of Submission Life: 2018 Hospital IQR Deadlines

2018 eCQM Requirements for The Joint Commission ORYX® Initiative for Quality Improvement

MIPS eCQMs vs Registry Measures: What’s the difference?

What’s in a Name? Meaningful Use Gets a Name Change

It's Coming for Us All: Sepsis

Download the 2018 Quality Reporting Bundle

eCQM Submissions: Rejections and Mismatches 101

2017 MIPS Submission Results

Patient Safety: A Look Back at Health IT Evolvement

The Results are In: Key Takeaways from 2017 eCQM Reporting

[PART 4] Understanding MIPS 2018: Improvement Activities

[PART 3] Understanding MIPS 2018: Advancing Care Information

[PART 2] Understanding MIPS 2018: Cost and Quality

[PART 1] Understanding MIPS 2018

Prepare Yourself: 12 Tips for HIMSS18

How much could you lose from these Quality Reporting programs? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Questions for our Quality Expert Panel

2018 MIPS Mind Game [Quiz]

The Difference Between MIPS 2017 vs MIPS 2018

What is the Hybrid Readmission Measure?

EHR Evolutionary Scale

A Note From Our CEO: Health care Quality in 2018

Our Most Popular Content of 2017

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Melissa Folse

Whipping Up a New Recipe for MIPS Success

Catch Up On Your Quality Reporting Education

A Beginner's Guide to MIPS Year Two: 2018

[E-BOOK] A Beginner's Guide to MIPS Year 2

MIPS Year Two: 13 Things to Know [SLIDESHOW]

[E-BOOK] Requirements for the Hospital IQR Program in 2018

8 Hospital IQR Program Requirements for 2018

Want to Be Better at Your Job? Take a Break

2018 Joint Commission ORYX Requirements

2017 eCQM Data Early Results

2018 IQR 101 Quiz

How Much Time Do Physicians Spend With Their EHR?

Hospitals Closed Due to Hurricane Harvey

Everything You Need to Succeed in MIPS 2017

Preparing for Regulatory Requirement Changes Using An Annual Cycle

Hospitals Compare Abstracted and Electronic Measures: Which is a better reflection of care?

The States With The Worst HAC Performance

Changes to Your 2017 eCQM Reporting Requirements

The 6 Things You Need to Know About the 2018 IPPS Final Rule

2017 MIPS Reporting Options [Infographic]

[Podcast] 2018 Quality Payment Program Proposed Rule Changes

eCQM Data Validation: Practices From Our Most Successful Hospitals

Top 10 States Penalized for Readmissions in 2016

eCQM Requirements for The Joint Commission ORYX® Initiative for Quality Improvement

13 Highlights from the 2018 Quality Payment Program Proposed Rule

What Makes Up an eCQM

IQR Land: Hospital IQR Program Deadlines 2017

[Podcast] Are Clinicians Prepared for MACRA?

Hospital IQR Program Reporting Requirements for 2017

50 Quality Reporting Resources

3 Simplified Hospital Case Costing Methods [Infographic]

How Can I Make Money in the First Year of MIPS?

How to succeed in the MIPS Improvement Activities category

[Podcast] CMS proposes changes to eCQM requirements for 2017 & 2018

Time for a MIPS Fact Check

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Highlights of Major Changes [SLIDESHOW]

Medisolv Hospitals Lead the Way in eCQM Reporting

[Podcast] An Interview with Medisolv CEO Dr. Zahid Butt

A Deep Dive into MIPS: Advancing Care Information

The History of Quality Reporting

eCQM Reporting Checklist [FREE DOWNLOAD]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Medicare Payment at Risk

How to Submit Your eCQMs to CMS in Less Than One Hour

[SNEAK PEAK] Medisolv makes an exciting announcement at HIMSS 2017

MIPS Quality – It’s All About the Numbers

MACRA Mind Game [Quiz]

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCUHS) Becomes an eCQM Rock Star

[Podcast] 2017 eCQM Reporting: A Plan for Hospital Success

Prepare Yourself: 12 Tips for HIMSS17

The Pillars of the MIPS Quality Payment Program [INFOGRAPHIC]

2017 eCQMs 101 Quiz

The Ultimate Regulatory Requirements Kit [DOWNLOAD]

The Changing World of Quality in 2017

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Niki Seling

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Georgia Feuer

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Laughlin Memorial Hospital

Merry Medisolving: Featuring Rockdale Medical Center

You Can't Have Just One Slice of Pie

[E-BOOK] A Beginner's Guide to MACRA

Getting Started with eCQMs [WEBINAR]

5 Hospital IQR Program Requirements in 2017

Strategies for Improving ED Throughput

13 Things to Know About the MACRA Final Rule

eCQMs Resources Roundup

A Visual of the eCQM Improvement Journey [INFOGRAPHIC]

Preparing for eCQM Submission to the CMS IQR Program

eCQMs Outnumber Chart-Abstracted Measure for the First Time in 2017

What is the Difference Between Manual Attestation and Electronic File Submission?

MACRA Basics and 2017 Reporting Options [SLIDESHOW]

The Joint Commission Requires eCQM Submission in 2017

How to Make the Perfect eCQM Submission [INFOGRAPHIC]


Five Things to Know About the 2017 IPPS Final Rule

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Ready Are Hospitals for eCQM Submission?

Hospitals Unprepared to Meet eCQM Requirements of the Hospital IQR Program [Infographic]

2017 IPPS Final Rule Pre-Released

28 Medisolv Customers Named to Healthcare’s Most Wired List for 2016

eCQMs 101 Quiz

Does your Hospital have a Comprehensive Quality Program?

How to Choose a Quality Reporting System Vendor

Common Causes for Differences in Abstracted vs Electronic Measures

Reminder: PQRS GPRO Deadline for Registration Ends Thursday, June 30, 2016

MACRA, MIPS and APM: The 2017 Proposed Rule

Five Recommendations for Selecting eCQMs for 2016 Reporting

Hospital IQR Program Requirements in 2016

Is GPRO the right option for your Providers for PQRS?

INFOGRAPHIC: Reporting Hospital Quality Measures Timeline

CMS Releases IPPS Draft Rule, Includes Mandatory Full Year eCQM Reporting in 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: Medicare Revenue at Risk - Medicare Penalties

Are you ready for eCQM reporting in 2016?

5 Requirements for the CMS Hospital IQR Program in 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: Deadlines for Eligible Professional Quality Reporting Timeline

Reducing Readmissions with Predictive Analytics

3 Steps to Avoid Penalties for your Eligible Professionals

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