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      Regulatory Updates: Hospital

      2023 Hospital IQR Requirements

      It’s time to start preparing for the next year’s Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program requirements. Here, we’ll give you a quick review of the... 

      Prepping for Hybrid Measure Submissions

        Did you know hybrid measures aren't new? In 2018, Medisolv participated in CMS’s hybrid readmission measure pilot program and as a part of that pilot, we... 

      A Guide to CMS's New Health Equity Measure

      There has been a lot of talk around health equity. Now we are finally getting real action from CMS in the form of a new structural measure: the Hospital... 

      Safe Use of Opioids eCQM – The Secrets to Success

      In 2015, McAlester Regional Health Center began waging a carefully plotted war against opioids—even before the White House declared it a public health crisis... 

      The Four Highways of CMS’s dQM Strategic Roadmap

      In 1956, President Eisenhower signed legislation funding the construction of the U.S. Interstate Highway System.  Stick with me here, I promise this has to do... 

      How to Implement the Hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemic eCQMs

      CMS introduced several new eCQMs over the last year including a pair of measures that track your care of inpatients experiencing a hyperglycemic or... 

      2023 IQR Program Changes: A Summary from the IPPS Final Rule

      CMS released their 2023 IPPS Final Rule and there was a lot in it. The biggest takeaway from this ruling is that CMS is moving toward all digital measurement... 

      What is FHIR? The (Non-Scary!) Beginner’s Guide

      What is FHIR? (And 5 Other Things You Wanted to Know About FHIR But Were Afraid to Ask) It’s time to address the elephant in the quality improvement room: most... 

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