How to Implement ePC-02

For 2020, The Joint Commission has diverged from CMS and introduced a new eCQM – PC-02 (Cesarean Birth). This new eCQM is an option for 2020 reporting. We’ve had a lot of clients ask questions about this measure so in this blog I’ll walk you through how to read the specification, tips for mapping and things to watch out for.

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Reading the Signs: A Glimpse into the Future of eMeasures

The future of electronic measure reporting has been uncertain to say the least. In the most recent IPPS Final Rule however, there are some interesting signs that eMeasures will be the future of healthcare quality measure reporting. Kristen Beatson, Medisolv director of electronic measures, gives us some insight into the future of eMeasures.

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Five Tactics to Improve Your Star Rating

Medicare’s Hospital Star Ratings system rates more than 4,000 hospitals on their quality performance on a scale of one to five, with five being the best score. These Star Ratings are found on the Hospital Compare website which is public facing to consumers. The Hospital Star Ratings are calculated using data from 54 quality measures across seven categories:

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Using Behavioral Psychology to Improve Quality Measure Compliance

Getting physicians and others to comply with your healthcare organization’s clinical quality measure reporting requirements can be tricky. However, experts say you can convert those negative habits into positive practices in your clinic or hospital by using proven behavioral psychology techniques.

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A Note From Our CEO: The State of Healthcare Quality in 2020

As we say goodbye to the teen years of this century and move beyond the decade of Meaningful Use, it is a good time to look back on how quality measurement and reporting has evolved, and more importantly, where it may be headed. Several key trends in motion are likely to continue next year and beyond.

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2020 Hospital IQR Program Requirements

By Erin Heilman Posted Oct 18, 2019 in Regulatory Updates: Hospital

Is your hospital ready for hospital quality reporting in 2020? I know it seems a little early, but when it comes to successfully fulfilling regulatory reporting requirements, it’s never too soon to start preparing.

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2020 Joint Commission ORYX® Requirements

By Erin Heilman Posted Sep 27, 2019 in Regulatory Updates: Hospital

There are some big changes coming to The Joint Commission’s ORYX® program in 2020. Changes include submission method, data file type and measure lists.

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[E-BOOK] 2020 Hospital IQR Program Requirements

By Erin Heilman Posted Sep 20, 2019 in Regulatory Updates: Hospital

Every year the requirements for the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program change; sometimes slightly and sometimes more drastically. In 2020, there are quite a few changes coming your way. For instance, did you know the HAI (NHSN) measures aren't required to be submit this year in this program? And the chart-abstracted measure requirement drops to two measures.

This annual eBook covers the requirements for each section of the IQR program. You'll see a simple summary of the requirements, the submission detail and the deadline. We also list each of the measures in each category.

Get yourself prepared for 2020 with this comprehensive eBook. We even included our measure removal guide to help you understand what measures are being retired in which year.

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2019 eCQM Reporting Checklist [Free Download]

Fall is quickly approaching, which means the deadline for 2019 eCQM reporting will be here before you know it! Is your hospital ready to report eCQMs to the Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program for 2019?

Here at Medisolv, we are preparing to begin our annual process of submitting our clients' eCQM files to CMS. This week, we’re offering a free download of our 2019 eCQM reporting checklist.

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[E-BOOK] Hybrid Measure Quick Start Guide

By Erin Heilman Posted Aug 30, 2019 in Regulatory Updates: Hospital

CMS has mandated that the new Hybrid Hospital-Wide All-Cause Readmission measure go from voluntary to mandatory over the next several years. In fact, last year, CMS held a pilot program during which 150 hospitals submitted the hybrid measure data to CMS. Medisolv's clients made up 69 of those 150 submissions. We learned a few things during the course of those submissions and we've put together a quick start guide to get your hospital thinking about this new measure.

In this quick start guide we explain how the measure is captured in your EHR and how CMS will calculate your measure performance.

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